Ruth Mandelbaum Jan. 15 2015

Viceroy Music New York and Viceroy Management Soho NY

Apex One Group relaunches successful Viceroy Music Group in Manhattan.
President Jorg Dogondke opens new Offices on Soho´s famous Prince Street.
Viceroy became widely renowned in the 90s through Artists such as Alvin Lee & George Harrison, Peter Green Songbook, John Lord of Deep Purple, Kingdom Come, Anne Clark, Hazel O Connor and many more.

Spokeswoman Ruth Mandelbaum will evaluate the Companys profound Hit Catalogue to attract Major Movie Companies and the Music Industry.

First new release will be in Fall 2015 - Justin Van Zandt and Isaac Garrett´s Version of Star Treck Sounds - in Memory of Leonard Nimoy. The production budget is set to USD 1.2 mio and widely respected as on of the largest investments into New Age Music.

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